INTRODUCTION "House of the Rising Sun" [English]


INTRODUCTION "House of the Rising Sun"

After directing "Strawberry Fields" and "Shodo Girls: Blue Blue Sky," Director Takafumi Ota has a reputation for his ability to portray youth by ensemble cast. The subject he has chosen for his third film for theatrical release is nuclear plant problems, which are considered taboo in the media industry.
The movie, "The House of Rising Sun," portrays the tragedy that suddenly hits a town with beautiful nature brought by a nuclear plant accident and a family who get caught by the accident.

You can't make a movie without money. People expected this movie to have difficulties in getting the production money, but the movie was completed in about one and a half years after its launch thanks to the passionate support by citizens of Kosai in Shizuoka Prefecture, where the movie was shot.

What Director Ota portrays is always full of "continuous feelings." You can tell that by the fact that the audience who watched his previous films got moved and have kept his films as something important in their hearts.
While dealing with a difficult subject, a nuclear plant accident, he highlights the family, using Kosai with beautiful nature as its setting. The movie shows well that the bond between family members and the bond that is connected to the next generation are most important.

This movie was well-received at Japan Film Festival Los Angeles 2013 in May 2013 because it's full of thoughts and reached the hearts of people across a language barrier.

The movie that we truly need was born in full coordination with precise direction, effective music, documentary-like-performances by actors, crew members who supported them, and the support by citizen of Kosai.

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